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Information Consulting & Services

Information is the life-blood of both commercial businesses and government departments alike, in whatever capacity and wherever in the World they operate.

Without timely access to relevant, accurate and where necessary, secure information, at best organisations risk losing the competitive edge to their adversaries and at worst will fail in their objectives completely. This is the case whether in a commercial, reputational or geo-political sense.

Our expertise at Sazure International will help your organisation meet the information challenge.

Our Services

Our Services

Programme & Project Management

We have an enviable track record in delivering complex technical programmes and projects within allocated budget and on or even ahead of schedule.

Information Risk Consultancy


We provide Information Risk Consultancy Services and are both skilled and successfull in helping clients manage and mitigate their risk exposure.

Digital Transformation

From strategic planning to detailed process mapping, we can assist in taking your organisation from dated systems and provcedures to cutting edge technology and processes.

Business Continuity Planning

COVID-19 has shown that organisations who had prepared for the unexpected were better placed to thrive. We can help you plan and prepare for the future, whatever it may have in store.

Software & Application Testing

Our team are proficient in rigorus testing of services & applications. We have identified countless problems and saved our clients a great deal of time and wasted expense

Cyber Security  Training & Education

We train and educate both Government and commercial organisations in Cyber Security, allowing them to meet cyber threats head on.

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